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Ivan Novikov

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PWA Developer

New York, NY, United States
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May 6, 2021

Ivan is an entrepreneur and full-stack developer who specializes in the front end. He has ten years of experience, including five with React, TypeScript, and RxJS. Ivan has used React hooks to build complex components such as a virtualized list, combined strict types, functional-style code and Jest unit tests to build a large (50,000 lines) front-end codebase, delivered a PWA with support for offline editing, and authored OSS and articles.


TypeScript, JavaScript, React, RxJS, Webpack, CSS, IndexedDB, Stripe API, Jest...
EGAR Technology
Finance, Financial Data, Financial Risk Management, Derivatives...




Preferred Environment

Web, React, TypeScript, RxJS, CSS, JavaScript, PWA, Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

The most amazing...

...tool I've built is a productivity web app called Obvibase that is a commercially successful PWA developed with React, TypeScript, and RxJS.

Work Experience


2016 - PRESENT
  • Began this app as a side project in 2011 but by 2016 was producing enough revenue to work on it full-time. In 2020 I released a full rewrite of the client using a newer stack and written in functional rather than OOP style.
  • Boosted the app with an innovative and complex front end of the order of 50,000 lines of code). Enabled it to sync a 10MB document in real-time between IndexedDB, multiple open browser tabs, and the server largely using RxJS.
  • Developed an element with an innovative UI using React (and hooks) to build a custom virtual (windowed) list that efficiently renders lists with tens of thousands of rows, a specialized rich text editor, and various widgets.
  • Released a new version of the app in 2020. It is installable as a PWA, works offline (including the ability to edit documents), and is optimized for mobile browsers.
Technologies: TypeScript, JavaScript, React, RxJS, Webpack, CSS, IndexedDB, Stripe API, Jest, Progressive Web Applications (PWA), PWA, Workbox, Web Worker, Functional Reactive Programming, Functional Programming, Closure Compiler, Closure Stylesheets, Google Closure, Google App Engine, Python, Google Cloud Datastore, REST

Business Analyst

2004 - 2016
EGAR Technology
  • Coordinated custom enhancements of the company's B2B software (from gathering initial requirements to deployment).
  • Negotiated, designed, and coordinated deployment of integrations with partner providers of financial data.
  • Negotiated and coordinated private-label integrations of ivolatility.com analytical web tools with partner services such as online brokers.
Technologies: Finance, Financial Data, Financial Risk Management, Derivatives, Microsoft SQL Server


A user-friendly online database editor. Designed and built the app from start to finish. Installable as a PWA and optimized for mobile web. The bulk of the logic is on the client (implemented with TypeScript, React, and RxJS). The server runs on Google App Engine (Python) and stores data in Google Cloud Datastore.


A builder of online calculators. Designed and built the app from start to finish. The app continues to be available at https://jscalc.io, although I'm no longer involved in the project. The project link points to a demo video of my original implementation of the app.

1log Library

An open-source library. Provides a function log() that can be used as the regular console.log(), but has two superpowers. You can insert it into any expression, as in f(log(x)), and it supports plugins. There are plugins for setting severity level, for logging functions, promises, iterables, and observables, creating snapshots of log messages in Jest tests, and more.


TypeScript, CSS, JavaScript, Python, SCSS


Jest, AngularJS, Angular Material, Express.js


React, RxJS, Web Worker, Google Closure, Stripe API, Node.js


Closure Stylesheets, Workbox, Closure Compiler, Webpack, Travis CI


Functional Reactive Programming, REST, Functional Programming, Continuous Integration (CI)


Web, Google App Engine, Firebase


IndexedDB, Google Cloud Datastore, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB


PWA, Progressive Web Applications (PWA), Finance, Economics, Financial Markets, Financial Data, Financial Risk Management, Derivatives

1998 - 2004

Master's Degree in Finance and Financial Markets

The Higher School of Economics - Moscow, Russia

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